What Are Joggers, Sweatpants, & Track Pants? Similarities & Differences


Athletic wear has come out as the ‘new talk of the town’ in recent years. Today, people don’t only wear them to the gyms, but also their offices on casual Fridays, car events, and their friends’ get-together parties! 

It may be shocking for you if you’ve got a classic dressing taste, but believe it or not, joggers, track pants and sweatpants have now become an extremely popular and widely accepted fashion option. Whether it’s a gym, office, or a food street, you’ll see people wearing them, everywhere you go. Because why not? They’re super comfy, cool, and stylish. 

Want to update your wardrobe? Before you start following the trend, make sure you understand their similarities and differences. 


Just like sweatshirts and sweaters, sweatpants are also made specifically for the winter season. A thick pair of sweatpants is all you need to keep yourself comfy during the chilly winter evenings. They offer the same level of mobility and accessibility as joggers and you can wear them with your sweatshirts or hoodies. They are warm and lose trousers which consist of elasticized drawstring waist, you can wear as leisurewear or during an exercise. Sweatpants are baggier and heavier than joggers and are mainly used for lounging.


Generally, joggers are baggy on the top and skinny at the bottom. They feature an elastic cuff at the bottom and are specifically made for physical activity. Joggers are mostly made from materials like fleece, polyester, and cotton and are perfectly suitable for morning jogs, run or while playing sports with family or friends. The primary difference between joggers and sweatpants is that they’re more fashionable and lightweight. 



These are soft, comfortable, and smooth athletic trousers that can also be worn on other occasions. Track pants may look like joggers but they’re typically made from polyester and a majority of people wear them for track events. They highly sweat absorbent and hence you can wear them for an intense workout.  

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