The Relationship between a Workout and the Colors You Wear

A man working out

Colors and hues play an essential role in our daily lives. It can affect our moods, emotions, choices, environment, and, most importantly, our psychology. Humans are affected by the colors around them.

Colors play a crucial role in our visual experiences. Have you ever wondered why the pink sky brings a rush of calmness over you? Or have you noticed how the blue ocean makes you feel calm and serene?  That's the impact colors have on our psychology.

Color psychology is the study of colors' impact on our psychology, emotions, and moods. This can be proven and studied in many aspects of our lives.

Studies show that colors can play a role in our workout sessions as well. 

This might not sound convincing, but this blog will change your mind. Here's how different colors can impact your workout routine.

  • The Color Red
  •  color spectrum
  • The color red is one of the most powerful colors. The two emotions which are usually linked with red are love and passion. However, it's more than that and symbolizes energy, war, strength, power, and determination. 
  • According to color psychology, red increases respiration rate and spikes the heart rate. Wear red the day your workout routine is intense or have any activity that'll allow stress release.

    However, be cautious; colors impact us so deeply that we must ensure we don't go overboard.

    Red also symbolizes danger, which can cause aggression. Tone the red down with calming colors like white. 

  • Neutral and Soft Colors
  • Pastels colors like white, pink, or neutrals symbolize calm. They send calming signals to the brain as well as the body. 
  • The day you're doing a bit of meditation or activities like yoga, wear pastel and neutral colors. It will keep you calm and improve your meditative experience. 

  • Blue Hues
  • Blue represents serenity, determination, and focus. Blue increases productivity and determination levels. 
  • Compared to red's wavelength, blue has a shorter one which signals the mind to consider things lighter than they are. 

    When you need your focus and willpower to lift those heavy dumbbells, don't forget to don blue active wear!

  • Become Lean with Green
  • Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, freshness and is strongly associated with tranquility.
  • It's also proven to produce a gentle and calming feeling. 

    According to research, green boosts your concentration levels. That might be the reason why a jog or a walk outside seems relaxing and fresh.

    Wearing green for a workout session will bring about a feeling of freshness. 

    Don't underestimate the power colors have over our psychology and, most importantly, our fitness. Make use of these colors by including them in your workout sessions. Wear the right colors for the right days.

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