Mistakes You’re Making with Your Activewear

Mistakes You’re Making with Your Activewear

If you find yourself wearing more activewear than regular clothes, then you're not alone! Activewear has recently gained a lot of popularity. But even though everyone is wearing it, most people tend to make mistakes with their activewear. 

Your athletic wear has to go through sweating, stretching, and more. But do they get as much care when you're not wearing them? 

Here are some common mistakes that you're probably making with your activewear. 

Not Washing Them after a Workout

Do you leave your activewear clothes in the gym bag and forget about them? Or maybe you like to lounge around on the couch in your comfortable activewear? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not washing your activewear after a workout. 

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Athleisure clothing dries out quickly because they're made from sweat-wicking materials. You might think that they're okay to wear. But if you leave your activewear on for too long, the sweat and dead skin cells will develop bacteria on your clothes. That’s why you should thoroughly remove bacteria and sweat from the fibers to prevent any lingering odor. Not only is it hygienic, but it'll also prevent any rashes or acne from developing.  

If you can’t wash your clothes immediately, it’s better to hang them to air dry instead of crumpling them into your gym bag.

Using Harsh Detergent

It might seem logical to use more detergent for that nice, clean feel. But did you know that many detergents and fabric softeners break down fibers? These are the fibers that make your activewear firm and stretchy. Moreover, using more detergent leaves a lingering residue that traps in smell. So, when you wash your activewear, go easy on the soap. 

A good way to tell if you’re using too much detergent is by checking if there are any suds left in the machine after wash. 

It’s better to avoid fabric softeners entirely. That’s because the softening agents in these solutions form a film on the synthetic fabric. And because of it, you’ll find your clothes harder to clean. 

Not Washing Separately

You should always think of your activewear as delicate items and wash them separately. The fabric can wear out quickly if you toss everything together in the dryer. You don't want your activewear to come into contact with denim and zippers in the dryer.

Not Buying Activewear According to Activity

Good quality activewear is designed for specific sports or activities. That's because a runner has different demands from a cross fitter. Always make an informed decision when you buy activewear for a specific reason. 

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