How to Style Sneakers and Look Fine at Every Occasion


When it comes to street style and everyday fashion, the humble sneakers reign over all. After all, not only they're comfortable, but they're also extremely stylish with their latest chic designs.

You can find sneakers everywhere, from sports to the red carpet. They have climbed the ladders of shoe fashion in recent years — becoming the chic must-have staples for every closet.

So, if you’re asking yourself how to style your sneakers for every occasion, we’re going to help you out! Keep scrolling to read tips and tricks to style your lifestyle sneakers.

The Basic Classic with Oversized Pants

Don’t commit the fashion faux pas of styling one pair of sneakers with every outfit! Styling sneakers is an art, so pay close attention!

Oversized pants are having their moment in the sun, and the classic sneakers are the perfect companion to complete the look! This look harmonizes streetwear with modern chic and makes for a trendy and stylish ensemble. You can pair this look with oversized sunglasses, buns, and blazers.

Forever Drift Sneakers white

Go Girly with Classic Sports Sneakers

Yep, you read that right!

Classic sports sneakers have been around for a long time and cemented their place in street fashion. These trendy kicks are a style statement that matches multiple styles. So, why not try something feminine and stylize them with mini dresses?

In the past, mini dresses would remind us of high-end fashion and heels. However, today they've become a staple in street style. They’re a seamless everyday look that can work for multiple locations.

So, you know you’ll look chic and stylish while running errands or on a girls’ night out when you pair your sports sneakers with mini dresses!

Get Ready for the Summer Season with Platform Sneakers and Slip Dresses

Platform sneakers are perfect for the spring and summer seasons, so why not pair them with a summery dress? The slip dress has also become a summer/spring must-have in all closets. So, it makes sense to pair the two together!

Though some people still conjure images of heels when they think of the right footwear for slip dresses; however, it’s ideal for people who prefer the comfort and stylishness of sneakers. After all, choosing to forgo the formal appeal of heels for sneakers will make for the perfect summer ensemble.

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