How Does Color Affect Your Workout Sessions?

 a man and woman working out

Did you know that colors can affect our life and play an important role in every activity? This is backed by a study field known as color psychology, and is the study of the impact of color on our emotions, psychology, and other aspects. 

But you’ll be surprised to know that colors can impact your workout sessions. Wondering how? Let’s discuss some colors and their impact on your workout sessions. 

Yellow: Increased Metabolism and Concentration

From Tamera Mowry to Eva Longoria, the yellow activewear trend is something none of us saw coming. Currently, yellow activewear is a highly popular trend and is here to stay. But these yellow hues offer more than just a chic and cool look for your workout sessions. Yellow hues are said to improve concentration and also your metabolism. 

However, there's no solid evidence to back the latter, but it's always better to be safe, right? So next time you have trouble concentrating, pull out your yellow activewear!

Green: Positive Effect on Wellbeing

Green is a widely preferred color in the gym since it reflects nature, but these greens are more than just a serene color to look at. Green can improve your workout session by mimicking the serene effects of nature and lowering your exertion rate. Moreover, some sources claim green has a healing effect when working out. 

Considering the effect of green hues, it would be best to add a touch of green to your meditation or yoga workouts. 

Red: Increased Aggression and Power

Red has always been associated with power and comes off as strong color. Generally, red symbolizes passion, love, or even danger. However, for your workout sessions, this bold color is truly a blessing in disguise. Research suggests that red can be excellent for power-based exercises such as aerobics or HIIT workouts. 

However, another source claims the “red tones” are perfect for cardiovascular exercises since it increases breathing and heart rate. As appealing as red may sound, it is a stimulating color that can also cause frustration and anger. That’s why don’t go all red; keep it minimal or else your workout session can backfire and go wrong. 

a woman working out in blue and red activewear

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