How Can Activewear Affect Your Workouts and Performance?

How Can Activewear Affect Your Workouts and Performance?

Athletic wear has become widely popular in the past few years. Everyone from celebrities to sports athletes is wearing and endorsing activewear daily. It's safe to say that athletic wear has become a massive industry and a fashion movement. That's why many people are trying athletic wear for the first time. 

But before you spend your hard-earned money on activewear, read our guide on how it'll affect your workout.

How Is Activewear Different?

Activewear is very different from your usual outfits. 

While simple cotton t-shirts and hoodies are designed for comfort and are good at keeping you warm, they’re not made for workouts or any other high-intensity activity. Remember the last time you wore a regular t-shirt to the gym? Other fabric leave you with that gross sweaty feeling, but athleisure is built different! 

wear activewear to improve performance

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts always invest in functional activewear to feel comfortable during workouts.

Activewear shouldn't be confused with sportswear! These clothes are good for comfort and functionality. The fabric used in activewear is lightweight and comfortable, so you can easily transition from workout to casual wear. Athleisure clothing includes crew neck fleece sweaters, leggings, hoodies, parkas, etc. 

It Helps Prevent Injuries

Activewear supports the right muscle groups during training, lowering the chances of any injuries. And because it facilitates proper blood circulation, it reduces the buildup of lactic acid in your body. And without the buildup, you won't feel fatigued or sore the following day. They also effectively reduce the risk of muscle cramps. 

It Prevents Sweating

It doesn't matter what type of exercise you enjoy; sweating is a part of every exercise. Sweating is natural and stops your body from overheating. If you sweat during a workout, it also means you're pushing yourself toward your fitness goals. And though that gives you a sense of satisfaction, the odor might make you rethink your fitness goals!

However, activewear uses sweat-wicking materials to help your skin breathe. These materials usually use synthetic blends that handle all sweat-related issues. 

It Prevents Increased Heart Rate

This benefit is an extension of the previous one. Excess heating can have harmful effects on your body. Your body tends to heat up when you do high-intensity workouts. Though it might feel good to push yourself, you can end up doing a lot more harm.

Your body allows more blood to circulate to your skin as a way to cool itself. But this causes your heart rate to spike up because of the reduced blood flow in your muscles. Moreover, an increased heart rate can cramp your muscles and make you feel lightheaded. 

Activewear uses fabrics that cool your body. So, you won't have to worry about overheating your body while you're working out. 

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