Does Clothing Affect Personality?

women working out in perfect clothing

For the longest time, we've heard people associate clothing with people’s personalities, claiming they impact each other. You’ll be surprised to know this is indeed true. Scientists and other researchers have been exploring a scientific field called embodied cognition which claims that clothing affects our personality and every aspect of it. 

Still don’t believe us? Let’s dive deeper into how clothing affects our personality. 

Boosts Confidence

Have you ever wondered why you’re more confident when you like what you wear? This concept is known as “enclothed cognition." Numerous studies suggest and prove that wearing the right clothing can affect individuals positively. One of the effects it has is a confidence boost. When individuals wear the perfect clothing at the gym, workplace, or any other setting, their brain automatically feels more powerful.

Moreover, when an individual believes they’re looking good in any clothing item, they start acting on it boosting their confidence significantly. For instance, think about the time when you don't like what you're wearing, or you're not satisfied with your clothing, you'll start feeling self-conscious. 

Another example would be women wearing lingerie. Sure, women look beautiful in anything they wear. However, when they're wearing sexy lace or mesh lingerie, they immediately feel more sexy and confident. 

Inducing Creativity

 a woman working out in perfect activewear

Where clothing is proven to boost confidence, it also impacts creativity levels. How? The right attire transforms the brain into looking at things in a different light. When individuals wear the ideal clothing, they feel different and pleasant. As a result, their creativity levels are at their peak. This is one of the main reasons why workplaces emphasize formal wear since wearing business attire boosts abstract thinking, eventually leading to improved creativity. 

Increases Productivity Levels and Performance

Have you ever wondered how activewear sends a rush of motivation throughout your body, urging you to work out? This is simply because of how some clothing affects our minds and personalities. Wearing the perfect clothing for every occasion spikes your productivity levels, leading to improved performance. Whether you're working out or at work, the perfect attire will affect your thinking and boost your productivity levels and performance too. 

That's why when you're wearing casual clothes, you feel like lazing around, but with activewear, you're on a mission to work out. 

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