A Guide to Getting the Right Sports Bra

A girl in a sports bra

Shopping for an active wear bra can be a tough nut to crack! We can never figure the right one out. It's always too tight, or too loose, or just not cute enough!

Well, not anymore. 

Here are a few tips so you can pick the right sports bra.

Keep in Mind the Intensity of Your Workout

The first thing to keep in mind is your workout routine. The key to picking the right sports bra is to make sure it's suitable for your workout.  Evaluate the intensity of your workout,  and then choose accordingly.

If you engage in a high-intensity workout, you'll be sweating more and will be working out for a longer period too.  Therefore, it should be comfortable to wear for long periods.

Your workout's intensity also helps in other choices.  For instance, a workout routine that involves jumping jacks or maximum movement would need a supportive bra.

There are different types of sports bras fit for your workout routine, physique, and preferences. 

Look For a Moisture-Wicking One

Sweaty workout

The foremost factor in making the right pick is moisture. Many women complain that their sports bra doesn't soak up their sweat during a workout. And it's disastrous during a high-intensity workout.

Therefore, be sure to pick a moisture-wick material sports bra. Excessive sweat on the skin causes redness, discomfort as well as rashes. 

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One with the Right Support

When picking out women's active wear, always remember support is essential. 

Have a look at your physique. If you're heavier on your bust, you'll need a sports bra to support your bust.

The right sports bra will have support material in the shoulder straps, double layer front, and a wide elastic band to ensure constant support during your workout sessions. 

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Say No To Chafing

When you're in a workout session, you're going to sweat. Damp clothing can cause friction and chafing, especially between your bust. 

This can cause extreme discomfort and stand in the way of your fitness regime.  Pick a bra with a material that doesn't rub up against your skin and will prevent chafing.

Prioritize Comfort over Style

Always remember comfort is key! Don't prioritize style over comfort. Get the sports bra that feels great, not the one that looks great. 

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Try It On!

Make sure to try the sports bra on before buying it. See how it fits and feels on your skin.

Be sure of comfort and support too. If you feel comfortable and confident, you have a winner!

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